FiDi residents also dislike their Gristedes

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Hotdog guy on South End moved to GristedesApril 4, 2015- BP.TV has extensively reported on the bad conditions of the Gristedes in BPC, and the poor quality of produce. Now, residents in FiDi are voicing their desire to have an alternative to their Gristedes, and want to bring in Trader Joe’s to the new Chase Plaza.

Downtown Express reports, “The possibility that a Trader Joe’s may be part of the new retail at 28 Liberty Plaza, formerly known as One Chase Manhattan Plaza, sent the Financial District Committee atwitter.

“Let’s keep our fingers crossed about that,” said Sheffe.The chance that a Trader Joe’s might join the neighborhood was salient as the committee also had on the docket at their Wed., Apr. 1 meeting to talk about the dearth of grocery stores in the Financial District.

Committee member Deron Charkoudian brought up the issue and said that while “lugging my groceries back from Trader Joe’s in Union Square,” he thought about the lack of supermarkets.

He ticked off nearby stores — Jubilee Market Place and the Key Food in the Seaport. While Gristedes is in the neighborhood, he isn’t a fan.”

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  1. Kloreece says:

    Southern BPC is going to be the only downtown community stuck with the pathetic Gristedes.

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