Florida is a lawless Wild West because of the courts

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February 25, 2023- by Steven E. Greer (pro se litigator extraordinaire)

I have lived in Florida on three different occasions for a total of five years. I just realized something that explains this Florida Man syndrome.

Florida is like the Wild West was in the 1800s. Laws are not enforced. The courts often violate the constitution. It is all be design.

Where else in the country can you still smoke a cigarette indoors? I am amazed that I am fighting secondhand smoke down here. (That is not a case of the courts ignoring the law. It just exemplifies the Wild West aspect of Florida).

Where else can one tailgate on I-95 in a pickup truck going 100 miles an hour and never be pulled over? The roads are so bad down here that car insurance is twice the price of other states.

Where else can a homeowner get away with murder leasing out investment houses and have the courts make it nearly impossible for them to be sued?

Where else can local neighbors be deputized with the powers of a sheriff just by being on a Homeowners Association (“HOA”) board? The HOA power-hungry Karens down here harass neighbors with impunity because the courts make it impossible to sue them.

Where else can a hospital or nursing home owner literally kill people with impunity? There is a law down here that let nursing homes kill people. They call it the “License to Kill” law. With normal medical malpractice matters in hospitals, they made it pretty much impossible to sue a hospital now thanks to Jeb Bush.

It is well known that a huge portion of the economy in Florida is based on fraud, whether it be Medicare fraud or cocaine fraud. Former Governor and now Senator Rick Scott ran the HCA hospital chain. He was found guilty of billions of dollars in Medicare fraud and became the governor.

The Florida economy is fueled by fraud enabled by crooked courts and judges. The State Bar makes it hard for outside lawyers to get a law license. It is a Burt Reynolds good-ole-boys network of lawyers and judges. Almost all of the attorneys are trained in Florida universities like Florida State. These are not academic elites. The courts often have “special proceedings” courts that bypass the rights granted by the constitution.

When a state or a government makes the courts not a viable option, then the criminals run wild. Long before the “Defund the Police” movement, Florida pioneered this. Florida still enforces small criminal laws. I don’t feel unsafe down here like I would if I lived in Philadelphia, New York City, etc. It is the rest of the law code that is not enforced by the courts.

Florida is a state that caters to con artists. Fraud is the GDP.

Why have I lived in Florida so many times then? Florida also has many attributes, such as no state taxes, currently a good governor, year-round golf, and people who are not brainwashed liberals. The point of this essay to explain why Florida is such a bizarre state. There are many people moving here now who might find this essay helpful for their culture shock adjustment phase.

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