More bad food reviews for Gov. Chrystie’s 1 WTC observatory

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Update July 24, 2015- Steve Cuozzo of The Post slams the restaurants at the top of WTC 1 even more so than did Eater.

June 30, 2015- Recall, Governor Chrystie, who controls the Port Authority which runs the annex of the Pentagon called One World Trade center, got into trouble when he took a free vacation from the Dallas Cowboys owner shortly after giving him the contract to operate the 1 WTC observatory and restaurants. Well, the food reviews of those restaurants are in.

Eater rips apart the various restaurants at the top. They write, “One Cafe Is a Terrible Place to Eat. Bottom Line: Avoid everything.”

Charles Barkley might say, “They are just turrible”.

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4 Responses to More bad food reviews for Gov. Chrystie’s 1 WTC observatory

  1. emc in bpc says:

    love that pic of Christie et al.

  2. roseonhudson says:

    Last time I checked the Port Authority was a Bi-State Agency and is controlled by the governors of BOTH the State of New York and the State of New Jersey.

    Governors Cuomo and Governor Christie are both equally responsible for what goes on there.

  3. Editor says:

    How dare you impugn the character of our great leader Cuomo (sarcasm)

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