Former BPCA Chairman Bill Thompson makes his move for Mayor

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Bill Thompson campaigning

From The Wall Street Journal January 7, 2013


New York City mayoral candidate Bill Thompson has begun working part-time at his Wall Street job to focus on his campaign, vowing to dispel the notion that he lacks the drive to win City Hall.

In an interview, Mr. Thompson said he would leave his job altogether in March to wage a vigorous fight in his second bid for mayor. He has 10 campaign fundraisers planned for this week and has stepped up his schedule of public events in recent months.

After being criticized in 2009 for being a languid campaigner against Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Mr. Thompson said he wouldn’t “concede any neighborhood” to his opponents this time and launched some of his first attacks on the Democratic primary’s frontrunner, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

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One Response to Former BPCA Chairman Bill Thompson makes his move for Mayor

  1. amy greenberg says:

    Bill Thompson showed a pretty significant lack of leadership while at the helm of the BPCA. Wasn’t the AG contract (which did not afford discounts to the BP residents who funded the facility) signed under Thompson? Also, didn’t Thompson use the BPCA coffers to dole out small grants to his pet projects which offered no benefit to BP residents? Based on his performance here, I can’t imagine what sort of tepid leadership and cronyism he would bring to the most leadership important office in NYC>

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