Trash on South End an eyesore and rat problem

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April 15, 2013- Anyone walking about tonight saw a stunning site. An organized group of “Freegans” were sifting through the trash of Gristedes and Hudson Produce looking for food to eat. The movement shuns consumerism and tries to avoid money and normal transactions. They eat recycled food and wear used clothes, etc.

The bigger problem highlighted by these photos is the health hazard created by the restaurants leaving trash out, on the main thoroughfare, in plastic bags on the street. Not only is this unsightly, but it causes the rat problem in Battery Park that is the subject of so many complaints during town hall meetings. The LeFrak organization is the cause of this mess and should find a better location for the commercial tenants to place the trash. Also, the trash should never be left on the ground. It should be placed in large plastic trash can containers.

Since Battery Park City was created and Gateway Plaza built in the 80’s, LeFrak has been allowed to run a slum lord operation. Things have changed and the very expensive highrise apartments have been constructed in north and south BPC. Residents should speak up, attend BPCA and CB1 meetings, and demand that LeFrak improve conditions on South End Avenue.

You can make a difference. Post your comments below and contact the BPCA. Also, call 311 when you see trash on the ground and not in containers.



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