Gateway makes good on promise to hook up hoses for power washing South End Ave

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SpigotApril 19, 2013- Gateway Plaza, owned by the LeFrak organization, has made good on their promise to hook up water connections to faucets on South End Avenue, thereby allowing the store owners to power wash the filthy sidewalk. An additional spigot will be activated farther north by the ice cream cafe at the driveway entrance to Gateway, according to building manager Greg Tumminia.

Recall, the few bad dog owners in the area have used the sidewalk as a dog urinal since the creation of BPC.

This is a major development for the area. BatteryPark.TV and others are trying to renovate South End Avenue this year just as North End Avenue saw a renaissance last year. The management of SouthWestNY restaurant is eager to begin participating in the shared duties of power washing the sidewalk. Gateway has also hired additional staff to help.

Mr. Tumminia commented on the power washing units, “We have three on site and are waiting for a large 4200 PSI unit to be delivered. It should be delivered next week. I don’t know what the retail stores have. A garden hose with a good spray nozzle would be effective.”

South End faucaet

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2 Responses to Gateway makes good on promise to hook up hoses for power washing South End Ave

  1. Fran says:

    you rock Steve…i was just looking at the filthy South End Ave…needs more than power washing….please don’t stop being such a great help

  2. Jeff k says:

    Why are gateway dog owners so militant?

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