Gayle Horwitz avoids the public she represents, is a no-show for tree lighting

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December 9, 2011

By Steven Greer, MD

While filming the wonderful tree lighting party by South Cove, an interesting side story developed. The Parks Conservancy seemed to have expected BPCA CEO Gayle Horwitz to be the one to count down the tree lighting initiation. Even Santa Clause was expecting her there (see 40 second mark of the video), but Ms. Horwitz was a surprise no-show.

One of Ms. Huxley’s subordinates, Tess Huxley, explained to the crowd that Horwitz had a last minute excuse for not being present, but her comments were not heard clearly. The BPCA did not reply to our inquiries today for clarification.

Of note, the BPCA Chairman, Bill Thompson, also was not there, nor was he present for the “Town Hall” meeting last month. Neither Horwitz or Thompson actually live in Battery Park City.

Per our previous reporting, Gayle Horwitz hides under her desk as CB1 discusses her bizarre culling of the ranks, it would not be inconsistent wit Ms. Horwitz recent behavior to dodge the press and crowd. There might have been jeers and boo’s.

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2 Responses to Gayle Horwitz avoids the public she represents, is a no-show for tree lighting

  1. Citizen of bpc says:

    We keep saying it for years!!!
    Bpca is a fraud!!!!!
    Horwitz is a piece of crap!!!! A huge liar!!

  2. Citizen of bpc says:

    Adam Pratt respectfully blasted horwitz at the town hall meeting .
    Bpca had 2 people show up from board.
    That was a sign of respect to BPC residents ? We don’t care about u BPC ….we paid by Albany and will screw all BPC residents!!!

    Bpca needs to be dismantled!!!!!

    Thompson is a piece of crap too!!!!

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