Gift idea: An Apple home computer

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Mac miniNovember 28, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

Even if you are a PC user, it is time to switch to the superior operating system of Apple. For only $500, you can get a small Mac mini cube computer that hooks into your large TV screen of choice. It is portable, so you can take your actual office and work computer with you when you travel.

The latest Apple computers are super fast, which is important for making videos. If you want to get what George Lucas uses to make his digital Star Wars films, then you can get the $3,000 Mac Pro tower mega-computer.

The new iPhone 6, with its ability to pay for goods without using your credit card, is not only convenient, but infinitely more secure than using your crude credit card. You should get an iPhone as well, and become an Apple household. If you get the large iPhone, you can use the Bluetooth keyboard to turn it into a small laptop.


All of the essential Microsoft programs, such as Office, work on Apple now, quite well. You can also use any mouse you like, and not the one-button thing Steve Jobs tried to make ubiquitous.

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