Glenn Plaskin lets his dog urinate on Cherry Tree Circle lawn

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cropped-Cherry-trees-March-23-2012.jpgSeptember 27, 2013- A viewer complained to us about a site they saw yesterday at 4:45 PM. Dog activist Glenn Plaskin had walked his dog onto the Cherry Tree circular lawn by the North Cove Marina and WFC. He then allowed his dog to urinate on the grass.

This is a busy park where children roll around and adults sunbath. The viewer said it was not an accident, that he seemed to be using the lawn as his pet’s personal sewer.

Recall, Mr. Plaskin was the most ardent opposition to Gateway Plaza when they proposed to curb the problem of dogs urinated around the entrance of Gateway. He even opposed Gateway using power washers to clean up the filth that his own dogs caused.

Glenn Plaskin now opposes Gateway Plaza power washing to clean dog filth

Jeff Galloway supports dog owners’ right to use park as sewer

The dog sewer at the entrance of Gateway Plaza

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4 Responses to Glenn Plaskin lets his dog urinate on Cherry Tree Circle lawn

  1. Battery Park Dad says:

    I am still waiting to see this mysterious creature called a “responsible” BPC dog owner.

    It’s never MY dog that urinates on the plantings on the esplanade, yellowing and killing them while I talk on my cell phone.

    It’s never MY dog that craps all over the sidewalks while I talk on my cell phone.

    It’s never MY dog barking at 11:30PM while I talk on my cell phone . . .

    Hmmm . . . I sense a pattern here. In the same way I would pay attention to my child (not my cell phone) maybe dog owners should do the same.

    BTW — Gateway residents by far are the worst. I really feel bad for the guys that run the deli there. They just don’t stand a chance against the urine brigade!

  2. Editor says:

    Send us videos of owners doing bad deeds

  3. Fran says:

    And in front of bldg…not news

  4. Caroline says:

    Walking on the esplanade on a beautiful september day …should’ve been beautiful
    But gagging from the smell of dog urine …..
    I suggest bpc initiate dog free zones bc of the militant gateway dog owners!
    Can anyone use the mailbox in front of gateway…it is a stench of doggy do!

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