Goldman Sachs angering its new neighbors

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December 1, 2009

When it rains it pours. In addition to the horrendous bad publicity that Goldman Sachs has endured on the national scene leading to an apology by the CEO, their new several-billion-dollar skyscraper headquarters being completed in Battery Park City is angering the community.

The Community Board 1 meeting tonight was heavily attended and the two main topics were related to Goldman Sachs problems. First, the early-morning New York Waterway ferries added to help with the new Goldman employees coming from New Jersey are rattling the windows of the Gateway Plaza residents. Executives from the ferry company explained the situation for an hour (see video).

Secondly, the new Goldman building yet again created a major safety hazard from falling debris. This time, a cracked window fell several hundred feet causing a rerouting of the West Side highway. Previously, a heavy steel plate speared the grass of the ball fields as it fell from the construction tower and a falling object broke the glass of the awning adjacent to the movie theater entrance. A hammer also fell this year.


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