Goldman Sachs delivers with Shake Shack

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June 4, 2011

By Steven Greer, MD

Goldman Sachs might be on the road to redemption. After taking away the neighborhood gym, there is finally evidence of betterment to the local community. One of Danny Meyer’s high-end, ultra healthy and natural, Shake Shacks has opened in Battery Park City. It is the first of several new Danny Meyer eateries to open at the ground level of the Goldman-owned hotel by their headquarters on Vesey Street.

Upon first glance, one might be confused at all of the fuss over Shake Shack. It just serves junk food like hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, and custard shakes. But after further inspection, one realizes that the ground beef patties are prepared fresh, on site, and come from famed butcher Pat LaFrieda. The meat is antibiotic-free and steroid-free beef. The 100% beef sausages for the Chicago-style hot dogs come from Vienna Beef in Chicago.

The French fries are fried in soy oil, free of trans-fat and animal lard. They are made of Yukon Gold potatoes.

The ice cream is, according to the company, “Made in real custard machines- which spins the custard at ridiculous speeds, into a dense, soft, intensely rich consistency”

Shake Shack also offers its own line of beer and wine. Frog’s Leap collaborates for the wine, and Brooklyn Brewery makes the ShakeMeister Ale.

The Shake Shack staff are American, polite, and competent. This might be the biggest secret to Shake Shack. Restaurants are all about the employees. This one store alone has hired more than 80 American employees, doing their part to reduce the high unemployment in the city and country.

The end result is a noticeably different Classic American cuisine. The fries are uniquely crispy and not greasy. The hamburgers and hotdogs are also not too greasy and heavy. Try the ice cream and drinks for yourself.

If the rest of the Goldman-Sachs-Danny-Meyer restaurants, to open in the Fall, are equally as good, BatteryPark.TV will start a petition to make Lloyd Blankfein the next Treasury Secretary and Danny Meyer the head of the USDA.




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