Good reporting in Downtown Express on crime-plagued Greenhouse nightclub

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greenhouse2_Layer-1May 9, 2014- reporter Sam Spokony of Downtown Express seems to have emulated BatteryPark.TV style by shaming the deadbeat local leaders into doing the right thing.

Mr. Spokony writes, “After initial silence regarding the crime-plagued Greenhouse nightclub, the Hudson Square business improvement district has decided to act against the interests of one of its own board members by opposing a new liquor license for the 150 Varick St. club. In an April 29 letter to the State Liquor Authority, the BID (known as the Hudson Square Connection) called on the State Liquor Authority to deny the club’s application to renew its liquor license, which expired on April 30.

The letter, signed by Jason Pizer and Ellen Baer, respectively the BID’s chairperson and president, was sent five days after Downtown Express published an article on Greenhouse, featuring a lengthy interview with John Maltz, who is both the nightclub’s landlord and a BID board member.

In that article, Maltz largely dismissed local residents’ and elected officials’ condemnations of Greenhouse, while also defending the club’s new management, which is apparently planning to renovate and rebrand the club after closing it down on April 21 following a spate of brawls and subsequent pressure from police. (No applications for construction permits have yet been filed for the club since the shutdown, according to city records.)”.

If Downtown Express continues good reporting, then there hideous newsracks might be the only ones justifiable.

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  1. jfc says:

    Nobody wanted to take on the Greenhouse because they would be called racists.

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