Good Samaritan told to stop clearing the weeds

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August 30, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

We previously reported on a good Samaritan volunteer, Michael Carthins, working with the Doe Foundation, who took it upon himself to clear the weeds along the bike path. The weeds exist because the strip of land adjacent to the highway is part of a turf war dispute between the BPCA and HRPT. The BPCA still refuses to acknowledge that it owns the property, despite a new law being passed this year that transferred the property from the HRPT to the BPCA.

BatteryPark.TV received a call from Mr. Carthins informing us that his supervisors told him to stop clearing the weeds. He was wondering if we knew why they did that.

We are investigating this matter to determine whether some perverted bureaucrat within the BPCA is behind this outrageous stunt. Stay tuned.

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