A string of grand larcenies at Asphalt Green

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Asphalt Green lightsJuly 21, 2015– A local police blotter blog reported, “7/17, 6 p.m. 212 North End Ave. (Asphalt Green) When a woman returned to her locker she found the lock missing as well as a $2,900 Longines watch, a $300 bracelet and $600 worth of gold rings.”

A different blog post reported, “July 10, 6 p.m. 212 North End Ave. (Asphalt Green) A woman left her Kate Spade wallet in a gym locker, which she did not lock. When she returned to the locker, the wallet, containing four credit cards and drivers license, was gone.”.

I stopped by Asphalt Green and spoke with manager Phil O’Donnell. I asked him if they had any security cameras inside and whether they were investigating staff. He froze up, left the room, and came back minutes later just to tell me that some other person would “get back with (me)”.

I looked around and saw no security cameras on the first floor anywhere. They should have cameras and be able to catch the thieves. If not, then Asphalt Green is to blame.

Please comment if you have heard of any other thefts at Asphalt Green.


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