Gristedes south is being gutted and renovated

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Gristedes freezers removedSeptember, 15, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

After years of complaints about faulty freezers allowing food to thaw, poor quality of produce, and high prices, Gristedes on West Thames is finally renovating. The freezers have been removed. The entire process will take a couple of months.

Gristedes to be inspected by the state again

100% of survey responders want Gristedes replaced

Fairway grocery store coming to BPC

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2 Responses to Gristedes south is being gutted and renovated

  1. yzhou19 says:

    come on, with such a beautiful South Cove aside and the Esplanade passing by, Gristedes simply makes itself a rat in a luxury apartment.

    when can we have a decant grocery store?

    I truly believe anyone else could do better, and improve our well-being substantially. Trader Joe’s, WFM, Fairway, …, you name it.

  2. Robert Stillman says:

    Good news indeed, for anyone needing a grocery store in this neck of the woods

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