The Great Reset Davos Gang demonstrates the groupthink that leads to totalitarian regimes

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January 22, 2022- by Steven E. Greer, MD

The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, led by Klaus Schwab, the real-life James Bond Spectre or Austin Powers Dr. Evil, was scrutinized this year like never before because of the growing realization that his Great Reset Gang is behind all of these totalitarian measures we are seeing around the world. Some of the video clips of Klaus and other elites were just cringe provoking. Those clowns have no idea what they look like. They live in their oligarch billionaire bubbles and have no insight.

In particular, a video that struck me was the introduction by the WEF President, Norwegian Børge Brende, of the Australian PM Scott Morrison. Great Resetter Brende took the opportunity to show who was in charge and listed all of the programs and social agendas that the Davos Gang are engineering in Australia with the PM being used as a puppet. Scott Morrison just sat there like an idiot, nodding to all of the things that he said.

It made me think about Austria and Australia where they are doing these hyper-fascist totalitarian measures under the pretext of public health and safety. None of these Neo-Nazi leaders go to bed at night thinking they are bad people. So, how do they rationalize their actions?

I am sure that they have “scientists” surrounding them who have convinced each leader that the Omicron is deadly, that the only way to treat COVID is with vaccines, and that the vaccines actually work and are safe. I am sure that they truly believe all of that.

To get the truth out of an advisor would be next to impossible. Imagine if, in North Korea for example, some advisor to Kim Jong-un told him something he did not want to hear. That person would be assassinated. Likewise, there is zero chance in Australia, for example, that anyone is telling those leaders about the truths of the total ineffectiveness of the vaccines, the bad safety of the vaccines, the lack of need for children to get a vaccine at all, the fact that natural immunity is better, and so on.

Even in the United States, we know from Scott Atlas that the people surrounding Trump were all yes-men. If one tried to say anything that would go against the agenda of lockdowns, they were smeared as an “outlier”. I am sure it’s twice as bad now under Biden.

This is the groupthink that enables totalitarian regimes to rise and is also their downfall. Back during WW2, no one around Hitler could tell him that it was foolish to go into Russia during the winter. Had Hitler not overextended his army, he likely would have won the war. Now, we have the worst offenders in Austria, Australia, Canada, and the U.S. overplaying their emergency powers and creating backlash even among their cult followers. The inability of our modern leaders to objectively assess their strengths and weaknesses will lead to their demise.





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