Head of NYC Consumer Affairs opposes Pier A

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April 24, 2014- The newly appointed head of the city’s Consumer Affairs Department, Julie Menin, discusses her opposition to making Pier A a private restaurant. At the time of this video, she was Chair of CB1.

This is crucial, because the State Liquor Authority uses CB1 resolutions as surrogates for entire community support. In other words, they approve a liquor license using the logic “Since the Community Board wants this, therefore, the entire population too wants this.”. It is clear that the CB1 did not support Pier A turning into a restaurant.

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4 Responses to Head of NYC Consumer Affairs opposes Pier A

  1. Bob Schneck says:


    What was the date of Julie’s statement? Wasn’t she the CB1 Chair at the time and not the head of Consumer Affairs?

    It might be fair to all if you explained this as an intro to your use of this short video, otherwise it may be misleading. Or you could obtain a new video statement from Julie from the point of view of her new position.

  2. Editor says:

    To Bob

    As a member of CB1, this archived video of evidence showing the head of all of CB1 opposing the Pier A restaurant must be a sore subject for you. That is pretty obvious. We all know that laws were broken to get Pier A to where it is now, and that CB1 helped with that.

  3. mtizzle says:

    Thanks for the in depth history of Pier A. My fave part is that it originally took 2 years to build in the 19th century while it has taken nearly 20 to build (primarily) in the 21st century.

  4. Jay says:

    I’ve not heard that the Downtown Alliance will be handling Pier A. Can you elaborate more?

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