High schools need a class called “Atrocities of Communism”

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April 27, 2022- by Steven E. Greer

Today’s spit-out-my-coffee moment came from Bloomberg TV, as usual. Some globalist schmuck in Europe is trying to say that the UK’s inflation is caused by BREXIT. That is like the American politicians blaming everything other than their own profligate spending bills on inflation.

This is so obviously part of a academic strategy concocted by people who have studied communism. That easy-to-read book Communism by Harvard historian and Reagan advisor Richard Pipes is invaluable. It lets you see so clearly what is going on now.

The communists have two strategies to appease the masses who are unhappy with the disastrous, inevitable, outcomes of communism. They always create some bogeyman to blame everything on. “It’s the capitalists fault. etc.” They also claim that it is the duty of good comrades (or members of The Party in Orwell’s book) to suck it up and survive the hardship because it is in the best interest of future utopian society. That utopia never comes (spoiler alert).

That is what we see happening now. Some of the far-left are saying that it is our duty to accept $7 gas and inflation, or to “just eat cake” and cut back. Then, the propagandists in the White House are laughably trying to blame inflation on everything else other than their spending.

About 37-years ago, I remember how strange it was that there was a class in my rural Ohio high school we had to take called “problems with democracy”. It seemed like communist propaganda to me at the time. It was. They had “CRT” back then.

You don’t see many classes called “atrocities of communism” taught very often. However, that is exactly what we need. Every high school should be teaching the basics of communism, like Pipe’s book. If a governor proposed that, we would see a hornet’s nest of opposition.

Update August 14, 2022- Governor Ron DeSantis just concluded his first out-of-state Trump-like rally in Arizona. He announced that he is going to make Florida high schools teach a course about the atrocities committed by communism. That is my idea! DeSantis reads my stuff.

Update February 4, 2023- Bill Maher is doing the Steve Greer bit. He showed how the modern woke movement is the same as the communist movements of the last century. This is huge.

Update January 5, 2024-

Sen. Collins introduces bill ordering Florida public schools teach ‘history of communism’

Update March 21, 2024- Yuri Bezmenov explains how radicals are eliminated after a communist regime achieves power. Today’s Antifa and BLM will be killed and discarded.

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3 Responses to High schools need a class called “Atrocities of Communism”

  1. Larry says:

    Communists never really go away. They burrow deeper into the State and Society, like an encapsulated spore waiting for the right set of conditions to spawn their poison. Communism never will be rotted out because it feeds off jealousy, envy of fellow man and simple wanton greed.

    The conditions really weren’t great in the ’50’s when McCarthy (rightly) made his accusations. Now however, the conditions ARE ripe. Combined with the willful compliance of the “Useful Idiots” that are America’s “elite” who loathe the United States, and the state-controlled media, yes, the conditions are RIPE for Communism and Marxist to thrive.

    The age old battle of good versus evil. We are in for Dark Times unless we display the COURAGE to fight for the Western (Enlightened) way of life.

    Solzhenitsen was right: The West has lost the courage to FIGHT.

  2. Cc says:

    Excellent points. The book by Epoch Times called The Spector of Communism documents how ruthless these communists have been historically. It’s horrible.

  3. Weihong carroll says:

    The Pipes book is one of the most disturbing books I’ve ever read. It’s hard to comprehend how ruthless these people are. Should be monitory reading.

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