Hillary and her De Blasio both tank in the polls

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Clinton and de BlasioAugust 6, 2015- A poll in the news today shows that New Yorkers despise their mayor. 47% of survey responders disapprove of Mayor De Blasio and do not want him to come back for another term.

What the news is not reporting is that De Blasio has bet the farm on the hopes that Bill and Hillary Clinton become president. Then, his meal ticket would be punched.

His ultra-liberal policies in the city have all been supported behind the scenes by Hillary and Bill. They are using the city as a social laboratory to help them appease their voter base in 2016 and test the waters for new federal policy.

Well, the problem with that strategy is that Hillary is also tanking in the polls. She might not even be the Democrats’ choice in the primary if the FBI keeps investigating her email crimes.

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