Essay: Hillary Clinton was so bad for women

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Faces of Hillary Clintons cabinetUpdate January 31, 2018- It is now being revealed that Hillary Clinton had a campaign staffer accruing numerous complaints from a female subordinate to him and Hillary refused to fire him.

November 9, 2016- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Hillary Clinton not only failed to shatter the glass ceiling for women to become president, but she set back the cause by decades. Because she was such a horrendous candidate, politicians and voters will be reluctant to let the next woman pass the primary hurdle.

Hillary Clinton set back the feminist movement by 100-years. She was the antithesis of feminism.

By supporting a serial sexual predator of a husband, she set the precedent for other women married to bad politician husbands. All across the super liberal universities in the Ivy League, it is now the “smart thing to do” to ignore a cheating husband if it allows the woman to advance in her own career. This is a bit like looking the other way on human trafficking if the favors it garners helps out a larger cause (And that is not a hypothetical metaphor. Bill Clinton was closely associated with a human trafficker of underage girls, Jeffrey Epstein).

Hillary rewarded a woman, Huma Abedin, who enabled another sexual predator, Anthony Weiner. She only briefly put her in the doghouse because it was so close to the election, despite the FBI announcing that Huma was using Weiner’s laptop to conceal email communications with Hillary.

With Hillary Clinton, repugnant behavior by husbands is to be expected. She has a cynical view of life, and she encourages other women to lower their standards.

Hillary has also taught politicians how to do her racketeering scams. She wrote the textbook on racketeering, with husband Bill. New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio has copied what Hillary has done with the Clinton Foundation (i.e. setting up phony non-profits to launder money from donors). What they do is called RICO and is illegal.

Because of the disastrous campaign by Hillary Clinton, no woman president will be elected in the near-future. Hillary was bad for women, not a pioneer.

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