History Repeating: The current totalitarian figures will end infamously too

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November 5, 2022- by Steven E. Greer

In three days, the red tsunami will end this global neo-communist era led by the WEF. Stooges of the WEF have been falling one by one, but the demise of the U.S. efforts will be most important.

Throughout history, totalitarian figures have always gone down in very ugly ways. This will not end well for Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and the oligarchs behind The Great Reset.

Marie Antoinette had her head chopped off. Mussolini was executed and his body was dragged into the town square. Hitler committed suicide with his wife and had his body burned. Stalin died alone, his body was evicted from Lenin’s Mausoleum, and his children ended in bad ways too.

Nancy Pelosi is going to go down in some infamous manner as well. Her husband already has suffered a series of humiliating incidents. There is news this weekend that Democrats are looking to oust her from Congress. She will probably end up prosecuted for some sort of insider trading.

Liz Cheney went ousted in humiliating fashion. She lost her race by 40-points.

It is just a matter of time before they get rid of Joe Biden. He has already self-inflicted fatal wounds. His legacy will by right up there with Stalin.

Trudeau, Arden, and the other WTF stooges will probably have bad fates. I do not see how the grand-master of them all, Klaus Schwab, does not get toppled.

Throughout history, leaders of communist efforts have been proud and in denial right before they lost control ignominiously.

As much grief as we living people have suffered over the last three years under this totalitarian regime that took root under the pandemic, we might see an equal amount of joy soon. The red tsunami will be just the beginning.

There was no other way to stop the 70-year decline in this country other than to let the communists take over for a few years and show their true colors. Otherwise, this festering cancer would have just continued. This nation needed a shocking awakening.

Now, people have had their eyes opened. This is what real “wokeness” looks like. We are ready for reform.

(I mentioned the “living people”. Sadly, a millions of people were killed by this regime. Every nursing home resident killed, or vaccine injury death, is the same thing as a patriot fighter in the revolutionary war. They took one for the team.)

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4 Responses to History Repeating: The current totalitarian figures will end infamously too

  1. Glenn Cannon says:

    I agree with Mike on this !! Sadly it had to be done so we could get our countries back from the evil ones!!!

  2. GIL THOMAS says:


  3. lesley says:

    A shame we did not have red wave. God help us!

  4. Mike Howard says:

    This is a very interesting thought process.

    I have recently been theorizing that the 2020 election was purposely “lost” with the goal of exposing these people to a larger percentage of the population. This, combined with the dishonesty of how they handled the Pandemic and the massive worldwide economic challenges, has broken the dam.

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