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Home workout equipment copyDecember 21, 2013- By Steven E. Greer, MD

Most gym or workout products sold on TV infomercials are junk. However, out of necessity in 2009, when Goldman Sachs closed down my gym in the old Embassy Suites hotel, I purchased some home gadgets. I proceeded to get into better shape than I ever had been, and have not joined a gym since.

I highly recommend the PowerBlocks dumbbells. They cleverly combine what normally would be a room full of cast iron into one single dumbbell size. A steroid meathead friend of mine turned me on to them.

I also find the pull-up bar essential. Be careful. I did not attach it properly one time and fell. I knocked my skull a bit.

The best device I found was the “Perfect Pushup”. Yes, “As seen on TV”.

And, of course, for aerobics, I use the Citi Bike in warm weather. In cold, I bundle up and walk a few miles. I am not a fan of running, even though I was a track star. Save your joints and just walk.

The reason you need to do weights is that the higher mix of muscle mass to fat you have, the higher is your metabolism. Translation: you can eat more food and it will go to the muscle rather than be stored as fat. People of all ages benefit from weight resistance.

If you want that remaining stubborn fat removed, give me a call. We can lipo it away.

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