How cheap is Howard Milstein and his Milford Management?

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August 3, 2015- by Steven E. Greer

We previously reported on how the business partners of Howard Milstein sued him and voted him out as the day-to-day managing partner of their Mariners Cove company, which operates three large apartment buildings in BPC. Also, one of those buildings has already fired Milstein’s own Milford Management and brought in a different company.

We are hearing more details. Over at 377 rector, where they booted Milford, the condo board president and others were unhappy with the lack of money being invested by Milford into the upkeep of the building. The lobby was still the same design as the original 1980’s look when it was built, for example.

If you live in a Milford-managed apartment, look around. Are your thousands of dollars spent each month in facility fees really going toward building upkeep, or are they going into Howard Milstein’s pocket? Court documents allege that Milstein pocketed $1.7 Million from Milford last year alone. That is a big percentage of the total budget for a building.

We also heard this little tidbit that is very enlightening regarding how well Milford treats its employees. The building staff do not get a holiday bonus checks from Milford. Instead, they get a turkey. No joke.

This turkey arrives in December, after Thanksgiving, mind you. The turkeys are old ones that did not sell for Thanksgiving, sources say. Moreover, Milstein owns a turkey farm, and that is where he gets his gift birds, according to multiple sources.

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