How the globalists, plutocrats, and communists plan to survive their strategy of shutting down the economy to hurt Trump

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April 25, 2020- by Steven E. Greer, MD

The people most fearful of the populist wave sweeping across Western societies, which is best exemplified by President Trump in the United States, are the globalist companies, the billionaire owner plutocrats, and the below-average-intelligence narcissists seeking power via the communist Bolshevik revolution strategy. Their opposition in this global civil war, which they have to topple in order to either maintain or seize power, is the traditional working-middle-class American, or Trump’s base.

Those are the true populists hurting. They are the people who have contempt for the large federal and state governments that have failed them. Those are the ones who still naïvely believe in the rule of law and that our leaders should not be above the law. They are dismissed as lumpenproletariat (a Marxist term referring to morons, criminals, and prostitutes) by the modern communists and elitists in academia and mansions. Those are the people who are the backbone to the economy upon which the parasites live.

Once one realizes the combatants on both sides of the global civil war in these terms, then it becomes easy to understand the strategy of intentionally hyping a pandemic in order to create a global depression with tens of millions out of work.

Just look at the long food lines all across the country now. As the $600 billion Paycheck Protection loan program has been mostly stolen by large organizations with political ties, as unemployment checks have not reached most people, and as even the measly $1,200 one-time grants have not been sent to most people, a genuine hardship has become a reality the likes of which has not been seen since the dust-bowl of the 1930s. All of our modern social safety nets have failed, just as they did in the Great Depression back then.

However, this hardship and images of hundreds of cars in food lines in every American city are beautiful sites to the people who want to see Trump ousted and populism stifled. The fascists are thrilled. Their “Dr. Evil” grand theories and plan are working. It all means they are one step closer ousting the Big Bad Orange Man, which seemed impossible just a few months ago.

It is a good plan too. It is working.

The leaders of this opposition to populism can wait out this economic depression easily. None of them will lose their jobs. The Ivy League bearded economic professors will not lose their tenured jobs. Harvard has a $40 billion endowment. The plutocrat billionaires could survive a 10-year-long depression if they had too. The government employees will never lose their jobs either. The less wealthy far-left politicians have all thoroughly corrupted the system so that they thrive off of the billionaires, ala Nancy Pelosi showing the world her gourmet ice cream in her $24,000 refrigerator.

So, when the economy tanks and the large globalist companies are hurt, and Jeffrey Bezos loses a few billion, it is of no matter. They will all survive it all and come out the other side stronger. Making matters worse, the stock markets will all benefit from the trillions in stimulus and zero-interest rates at the Fed, which will maintain their wealth. If inflation hits, then they all own homes and fine art that will appreciate with inflation.

If President Trump wants to survive these historic times, he has to realize all of the above and take drastic measures to make sure that the stimulus money quickly gets into the hands of the people in those food lines. He needs to make sure that the blue-state Democrats feel the pain too. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s plan to have the states go bankrupt is a very good one. That will hurt the government employee voter base of all of these Democrats as they lose their pensions. It will draw blood from the communist base. It is also the right thing to do. The bloated state budgets are the product of frank corruption.

If president Trump and the Senate allow the working-class taxpayer dollars to go towards bailing out government pensions rather than helping the starving working-class, it will be the nail in the coffin for his re-election hopes and the Republican party. 50-million or more people will be sitting at home without even the basics of unemployment checks as they watch MTA, LIRR, etc. state and city employees take home $200,000 pension checks or fraudulent disability checks.

The pitchfork mob on the cover of Rules to Stop Radicals is a reality now. Soon, it will be an assault rifle mob. Buckle up.

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3 Responses to How the globalists, plutocrats, and communists plan to survive their strategy of shutting down the economy to hurt Trump

  1. Cathrine N says:

    Dear Dr.Greer:

    Thank you for your observations, your essay is genius.

    Please, can you communicate this directly to the White House, Mitch McConnell, the GOP?

    President Trump & his Administration need to see this, especially since Gov. Cuomo threatened McConnel last Friday, suggesting that any moves in support of state bankruptcies will be frowned upon by the stock market, that essentially Republicans will be to blame for states continued failure. That is so absolutely ridiculous when this market has been fully aware that NY, CT, NJ, California, Illinois etc.have been running on deficits for over a decade under Democratic leader ship, driving the economies down to the ground.

    Everyone knows that the select states that are failing economically are Democrat lead. Now, in typical fashion the Dems want to extort federal funding to cover their pre-coronavirus deficits.

    This move is in clear violation of the legislation aimed to help our critical working class! If these economically failing blue states were failing before corona, let them go into bankruptcy and get re-organized by the Trump administration to become economically viable again.

    No more tax dollars should be spent or extorted to continue paying for failing economic policies, illegal immigrants, sanctuaries, criminals and other wasteful programs.


  2. Thomas P says:

    Well said

  3. Dr. B says:

    Once again, you have nailed it.

    More people who once thought this was all “Tin foil hat conspiracy theory” stuff now believe the whole system is rigged against them if they are the ones who follow the rules. The sons and daughters of the Deplorables go off and fight America’s wars while the sons and daughters of the Despicables (e.g. Hillary, Sleepy Joe, etc.) get multi-million-dollar jobs for having no talent other than their last names.

    Yeah, this can’t continue much longer…

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