How the police can take back our cities from rogue Marxist mayors

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October 18, 2020- by Steven E. Greer

I have a big idea that I think will work. First, here is another story about the New York Police being forced to act like Nazi storm troopers and break up gathering that were doing no harm. There is not a single one of these cops who wants to do this, or arrest gym owners, etc. They are mindlessly obeying the orders of a Marxist rogue mayors they despise. In many cases, the mayors forcing these cops to do bad things have also sworn to defund the police, or have sided with anarchists who are violently attacking police.

Here’s my idea: These police forces around the nation need to wake up and realize that they control the shots (pun intended). They need to stop obeying law-breaking mayors. It is not enough to simply resign. They need to enforce the law, which means ignoring the mayors.

It would be very easy for any police force to refuse to follow orders by Mayor Bill de Blasio, for example, by citing laws against the orders, starting with the constitution and First Amendment that make raiding churches parties illegal. Any police officer simply has to say that it is a violation of the First Amendment and that they refused to enforce illegal lockdowns.

The police need to stand up and stop acting like sheep. They are officers of the law. They are not allowed to break the law if a mayor tells them to do so.

The willfulness of even police officers to blindly obey rogue mayors who are breaking their oaths of office is one of the most disappointing revelations from this whole Marxist revolution. Our country, over many decades, slowly gotten soft and the Marxist have correctly spotted an opportunity ripe for the picking. But we can change that.

The police forces are now coming out in support of President Trump. It is time they started to obey the constitution and arrest the mayors.


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2 Responses to How the police can take back our cities from rogue Marxist mayors

  1. CN says:

    Right. That analysis is based on the US Constitution, and probably state Constitutions. Law enforcement are being compelled to choose between the constitutions, right to secure liberty, safety and human rights —- versus what their employers (Mayors and Governors) are instructing them to do.

    This is similar in a way, by analogy, to Benghazi when our military heroes defied the stand down instructions of their “bosses”, and decided to do what was right.


  2. Dr B says:

    Good ideas.

    Would force the governor to declare marshal law and send in the state national guard

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