How to screw up a cookie

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July 25, 2013– By Steven E. Greer

Potbelly oatmeal cookie

As readers know, I have demanding standards when it comes to classic cookies. I can tell instantly when a variety is baked all wrong, or perverted into some French version of an American dessert. That is why, when I spotted the nice looking packaging and moist cookies at Potbelly sandwich in FiDi, I actually purchased one.

The wrapping was well done (i.e. not airtight sealed like a mass produced brand), and the label stated “Oatmeal chocolate chip”. Everything was seeming to go well. I seemed to have discovered that rare good cookie in Manhattan.

Upon opening, the cookie was properly chewy and not dried to a crisp from overbaking. It was still meeting my standards. Things were getting interesting.

Potbelly otamel coc chip cookie

Then, I took a bite and the train derailed. There was no hint of an oatmeal or cinnamon flavor. It was a patty of sugar held together by artificial polymers. One look at the label confirmed that butter was replaced by margarine, and they left out cinnamon.

Pptbelly cookie label

I have had worse, at twice the price, made at fine French bakeries, but this cookie is a fraud. Hiding inside homemade looking wax paper packaging is a mass produced mistake.

For a good cookie, go to

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  1. DBear says:

    You cray cray. Those cookies are delicious.

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