How to spot a psy-op populist

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July 8, 2024- by Steven Greer

I have suspected that Mike Benz, a man who came out of nowhere to become the media’s expert on the Deep State, is actually a false flag “limited hangout” of the deep state. There are many reasons to suspect that.

First, he is all over the place in media (e.g., Tucker Carlson) and not shadowbanned or censored, despite supposedly exposing secrets of the CIA and Deep State. That is implausible in this era flagrant censorship by the government. If he were not secretly working for the government, he would have been censored or arrested based on what he has been exposing.

Secondly, one can also tell that he has a film crew following him. Someone asked him on Twitter ( why he had a camera crew filming him dance. I read a book about this. A sign that someone is a fake psy-op is that they have strangely well produced videos.

Today, I accused him of all of this on Twitter. He replied back. I asked him to do an X Spaces (basically a podcast) and I would interview him. He did not reply.

In this era of extreme censorship, if one sees anyone pretending to be a populist in social media and they still have a big following, then they are part of the deep state until proven otherwise.

Other social media people I suspect to be fake populists are Ben Shapiro, Shawn Ryan, Laura Loomer, and several others.

I suspected that a presidential candidate had a Mossad spy who had infiltrated his inner circle. I wrote a story about it and then the suspected psy-op disappeared. That means I was right. Greer knows. Greer always knows.

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