Hurricane Survey

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As of August 27 at 11:00 AM, Hurricane Irene has hit land in North Carolina and is losing power (as we predicted more than 24 hours ago). Will the storm pick up steam and make Mayor Bloomberg look like a bold leader for forcing the evacuations of hospitals and coastal areas? The results of our survey are below:

1. Did Mayor Bloomberg panic by forcing evacuations for the first time in NYC history?

  • Yes 81%
  • No 19%

2. What will Hurricane Irene do from here?

  • Dissipate over land as it hits the Carolinas and be just a rain storm when it gets to New York 87.5%
  • gain steam and become a category 2 or more when it hits New York 12.5%
  • Be a “Once in a lifetime” disaster with massive flooding to New York 0.0%

3. Do you think that Mayor Bloomberg’s absence during the 2011 blizzard as he was on vacation contributed to his overreaction to Hurricane Irene?

  • Yes 100%
  • No 0.0%

4. Is the TV and print press hyping Hurricane Irene to get ratings?

  • Yes 93.8%
  • No 6.3%

We will post on Sunday the final results to see how views change as the storm comes and goes. Click here for the active survey.

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