Review: Rolling Stone: The Life and Death of Brian Jones

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February 28, 2023- by Steven E. Greer

I am going through a stage where, out of the blue, I am becoming enlightened about certain classic rock bands. It is disillusioning.

I saw a 2020 documentary called “Rolling Stone: The Life and Death of Brian Jones”. It made me realize that The Rolling Stones under Mick Jagger and Keith Richards have been nothing but pop frauds. They are as bad as Taylor Swift.

Their founding member, Brian Jones, was flat out murdered in 1969. A crooked construction worker did it, and then almost beat to death a female witness weeks later. However, Scotland Yard covered it up. They worked with the state-sponsored media to spin the lie that Jones died from drugs. The Deep State back then was threatened by the counterculture drug-using rock movement. This film makes it abundantantly clear that this all happened.

The surviving band knew Jones was murdered, but they proceeded to go on stage the next day and pretend like nothing happened. The Stones’ 60 years of performing since has been devoted to cancelling Brian Jones. You never hear his name at a concert, unlike the band memorializing recently deceased drummer Charlie Watts.

I never knew much about Brian Jones despite his crucial role in starting the entire classic rock and roll genre in the early 1960’s. Jones was a genius musician who could play any instrument. He was incredibly influential in rock, right up there with John Lennon and Pete Townshend.

However, the Stones and the media canceled Jones. We hear very little about him today, in contrast to other dead rockers.

To this day, rock musicians are afraid to talk about Brian Jones because they know the spy agencies and local police conspired to destroy the man, along with other prominent counterculture drug-using musicians. To them, the arrests of 1967-69 are too fresh. They know that getting on the wrong side of the law can result in planted drug evidence, or bad press.

It shows in their behavior today. Why have almost all of the anti-establishment rebels been so sheepish during the lockdowns that caused them to stop touring for three years? Many of them have been harmed by the vaccines and yet only Eric Clapton and Van Morrison are speaking up. Why? They know from the 60’s that the Deep State can destroy them.

They were friends with Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, George Harrison, Jim Morrison, etc. Jones was clearly murdered. Hendrix’s death is suspicious. Morrison, Lennon, Harrison and many others were arrested on bogus drug charges that relied on planted evidence. In one case, the British police officer eventually went to jail. John Lennon, of course, was assassinated.

Mick Jagger was knighted by the queen. He is the ultimate insider. He became part of the establishment rather than fighting it. The Stones music after Jones is just a blues cover band, as Paul McCartney said. All of their music is a ripoff of the blues. Mick is a fraud.

The Stones’ best songs were created by Brian Jones (Sympathy for the Devil, etc.). He was a lot like Pete Townshend or George Harrison. He was a serious musician exploring new boundaries. Mick and Keith are just the original version of a boy band.

Update May 22, 2023-

A few months ago, I had a disillusioning realization that I did not like the Rolling Stones because of the way they handled the death of their founder Brian Jones. Well, I watched another documentary about Mick Jagger. It was supposed to be a favorable movie. For the most part it was, but I could still tell that Mick Jagger is not who most people think he is.

In the documentary, a former manager pointed out that, if you listen to the lyrics, the Rolling Stones are a pop music band. They are the same thing as Madonna or Michael Jackson back in the 80s were except the Staones have a rock ‘n’ roll sound. If it weren’t for Keith Richards’ guitar and the blues sound, they would be a pop band.

The best Rolling Stones songs that most people enjoy during concerts came from Brian Jones before 1969. Songs like Sympathy for the Devil and so forth are what made the Rolling Stones a genuine rock ‘n’ roll band.

Mick and Keith came from normal middle class families too. They were a blues cover band like Paul McCartney recently said

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