I defeated the scary Omicron in two-hours with ivermectin

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January 9, 2022-  by Steven E. Greer, MD

At 9:00 PM last night, I developed symptoms of COViD. I felt the classic malaise, had the earliest signs of a headache, and sneezed.

The key to defeating the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (COViD) is early treatment. So, I took ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and vitamin D.

Two hours later at 11:00 PM I felt better. This morning, I have no symptoms. (Of note, in years past, I have had similar fast recoveries from influenza with Tamiflu).

Antiviral medications work fast. It is all about preventing lung damage. If the lungs are not progressing toward bacterial infection, which lasts for weeks, or the cytokine storm of COViD, then the antiviral meds stop the virus in its tracks as soon as the medications are in the blood stream.

The malaise (i.e. unique feeling of bone aches and fatigue) is the sign that you have a viral infection triggering cytokines to be released, such as IL-1. Most people ignore it for a day or so, which is a mistake.

Of note, with COViD, the virus lingers. Even if early treatment was missed, I have seen my patients promptly recover from low-grade nagging symptoms when they took ivermectin, etc.

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