I told you so: Anthony Fauci is a tool of the far-left

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April 26, 2020- by Steven E. Greer, MD

I told you so. As I said weeks ago on radio and TV, Anthony Fauci has been the secret weapon of this entire communist conspiracy to shut down the country. Tonight’s Saturday Night Live praise of him is proof of that.

Canadian-born Lorne Lipowitz reinvented himself as Lorne Michaels once he got into showbusiness and became the creator of SNL. He rose to become part of the uppermost echelon of the far-left by using his political attacks on conservatives. Going back to Season 1’s attack on Gerald Ford, the show’s political segment producers have long gotten their marching orders from mystery puppet-masters sitting in Harvard, Hollywood, and Manhattan.

If SNL praises someone in the national news, then that person is helping their agenda. If they use high-school peer-pressure bullying tactics to shame someone, as they do Trump, then that person is a threat to their communist agenda.

By the way, SNL tried last night to find some zingers on President Trump in order to make him look stupid and they failed. In the cold open video, none of President Trump’s comments they singled out were wrong.

Yes. You can absolutely disinfect people if you shine ultraviolet light on them, for example. That is what sunlight does.

Yes. We will indeed get a vaccine “relatively soon”, which means far faster than normal vaccines.

As I have detailed in several previous essays, SNL is a totally irrelevant show. They have first tried to gently smear Trump back before the election. Then, they flailed and became apoplectic. Yet none of their bad skits with A-list celebrities have had any impact. In Wall Street trading, we call that a contra-indicator, meaning that you trade the opposite of whatever the idiot says.

I also “told you so” in my media appearances when I said that Fauci would be fired at the right time, and soon, as the country started to reopen and the focus was not on “flattening the curve”. Tony has not been fired yet but he will be. So this is a premature victory lap of sorts. Stay tuned.

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