Images of devastation from Battery Park City after “Hurricane” Irene

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August 28, 2011

The ratings-motivated TV “news” stations have gone beyond hyping Hurricane Irene and have crossed over into pure propaganda. The images of New York City being shown are of the worst areas, the isolated small flood, of trees blowing without zooming out for proper context, etc. The reporters are appearing wet and weather-beaten even when the conditions are not that bad, and so on.

As Irene turned out to be a major dud and delivered very little wind and rain, the stations are trying even harder to mislead you with exaggerated images. The Mayor and MTA are also on the defensive and are issuing reports accentuating the isolated damage.

Battery Park City was a forced evacuation center and site for much of the news crew. We thought you might want to see what the conditions were REALLY like down here. Please enjoy our short film. It’s a comedy.

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2 Responses to Images of devastation from Battery Park City after “Hurricane” Irene

  1. Steven says:

    Where are the Park PEP officers. My friend was targeted yesterday. I heard that the BPC PEP Officers all left. I saw NYPD vans, do you pay NYPD or pay PEP? THank god I live in midtown. Thx for short film, the flooding on the court was great.

  2. Fran says:

    I live in bpc. I have power but many around me do not…the news maniacs scared me to death…I stayed and then worried that I was wrong….a bit of flooding over the Korean grocer stayed open and was packed…people were riding bikes…no panic down here..the news were showing pis of what normal storms would do..I know in other area it was devastating so who knows.

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