Impeach Pelosi

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February 8, 2022- by Steven E. Greer

I scour through the news more than even most TV producers. I am numb to it mostly. But a story today shocked me. The same Capitol Police who conspired to cause the January 6, 2021 “insurrection”, who shot dead Ashli Babbitt and killed others outside the building, who are under the control of Nancy Pelosi, are now using their plainclothed “intelligence” division to break into the offices of members of congress who oppose their January 6th narrative.

It does not get any worse than that in terms of violating the constitution. An urgent response is required by congress.

It is now time to impeach Nancy Pelosi. She is behind all of this. There must be a vote put forward by Republicans to root out the RINO’s. Then, when the Republicans take over next year, Pelosi must be impeached to send a strong message of deterrence. This cannot be the new normal edge of the envelope.

There is already ample reason to impeach Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as well. Now, Pelosi, who set the standard for misuse of impeachment, must go down by the methods she sanctioned. Except, in her case, this would not be a frivolous impeachment at all.

Pelosi was thinking of not running again and then changed her mind. Foolishly, she is setting up herself for impeachment.

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  1. KKay says:

    Anyone against the American people are Traitors
    This administration can send our children over to protect another countries boarders but can’t protect our own boarder..


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