Important BPCA meeting cancelled

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Update December 16, 2013- Likely as a result of our story, below, the BPCA has cancelled the December meeting.

December 16, 2013- The BPCA board meets tomorrow. Numerous large simians will be in the room (i.e. 800-pound gorillas).

  • Will the Chairman/CEO mention the departure of high-level staff?
  • Will more people be given a standing applause as they “retire”?
  • Will the PEP officer scandals exposed by BatteryPark.TV be mentioned?

Most importantly, will the BPCA address the fact that the new mayor is looking to dissolve the entire BPCA?

In standard fashion, the BPCA is violating state law by not making available the agenda of the meeting, as of 1:48 PM, today.

Exclusive: BPCA’s Anne Fenton and Matt Monahan gone

Exclusive: BPCA pays for park staff reassigned to non-BPC parks

Exclusive: BPCA’s Phyllis Taylor leaving next month

Winners and losers if the BPCA were to be dissolved


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