Important meeting today could allow outdoor music and city’s biggest nightclub to open in BPC

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Pier A top satelliteApril 23, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

There will be an important public hearing tomorrow to discuss the fate of the proposed Pier A nightclub, beer garden, and outdoor music venue. The liquor license applications (plural, 5 of them) will be discussed at the New York State Liquor Authority (SLA), tomorrow at 11:00 AM. You are encouraged to attend and also submit your views in writing.

The location will be 317 Lenox Avenue, 4th floor. Again, at 11:00 AM.

That is an easy Red Line subway trip (take the 1 then the 2 or 3 trains). The offices are right across from the subway stop.

You will have to sign in, then you can submit your letter to the SLA.

You can also email your letter to: and

We have previously reported on Pier A, but in summary, what the Poulakakos group proposes to do with it, in their liquor license, is to make Pier A the largest nightclub in the city, with an occupancy of 1,175 (larger than club Marquee in Las Vegas), with outdoor music, and then to also use the $5 Million BPCA-funded outdoor “plaza” as a beer garden. Wait, and there is more. They will also allow “booze cruise” party boats to dock and launch from Pier A.

The hours of operation they are applying for are virtually nonstop, for 22-hours a day, from 7:00 AM to 4:00 AM.

In addition to the noise, the traffic congestion caused will be immense. The drunks leaving at 3:00 AM will migrate northward along the esplanade to your apartments. Crime will skyrocket. People will be urinating in the parks, and so on.

No liquor license like this has ever been granted in Tribeca or Battery Park City. There is PS 276 school only 500-feet away. The Visioniare, Millennium, Ritz-Carlton, and many other residential buildings are very close to Pier A. The Jewish Museum and Wagner Park is directly adjacent.

How did this liquor license get so far, and past the Community Board? It was all done through lobbying, smoke and mirrors, deception, and realizing that BPC residents do not pay attention to these issues. Therefore, please forward this story to all of your neighbors, and take action.

Form letter

to: Dennis Rosen

Commissioner of The New York State Liquor Authority

317 Lenox Avenue

New York, NY 10027

(518) 474-3114


from: (your name)

Resident of Battery Park City

XXXX Rector Place,

New York, NY 10280

RE: Liquor license application by Pier A Battery Park Associates LLC, Serial #1277555

April, 24, 2014

Dear Commissioner Rosen,

I am writing to ask that the New York State Liquor Authority (SLA) vote to deny a catering/restaurant, or cabaret liquor license to Pier A Battery Park Associates LLC (Serial #1277555). The impact of this establishment will be devastating the to quiet residential community of Battery Park City (BPC) and it’s surrounding BPC Parks Conservancy parks.

The restaurant group applying for this liquor license, led by the Poulakakos family and the Dermot Company, want to open what will be the largest nightclub in all of Manhattan, with a seating capacity of 1,175, which does not include an outdoor beer garden. They want this establishment to be open to serve liquor virtually 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or from 7:00 Am to 4:00 AM, 21-hours.

Such an application would never be considered in nearby Tribeca or BPC where there are tens of thousands of families living. Baby strollers clog the sidewalks in BPC because it has become the destination of choice for young families, primarily because of the multiple schools (PS 89, PS 276, and Stuyvesant High School) and nice parks in the area.

If the SLA grants this application, it will be setting a dangerous precedent.

(add your personal comments)

(state what you want, such as no liquor license at all, or closure at 11:00 PM, etc)

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7 Responses to Important meeting today could allow outdoor music and city’s biggest nightclub to open in BPC

  1. Amy says:

    It didn’t just “get past” the CB1. The entire CB1 Battery Park City group voted in favor of those hours with NO RESTRICTIONS. They didn’t even make the Poulakakos group answer the majority of the questions in the resolution.

  2. Michelle says:

    Do you have a form letter we can submit?

  3. Editor says:

    Yes, we added it to the body of the story, thanks

  4. mtizzle says:

    Thanks so much for reporting and organizing this opposition. Together we can beat this!

  5. Battery Park Mom says:

    What? We don’t have money for schools, but we have a taxpayer funded nightclub?

  6. L says:

    Thank you for doing this!

  7. Lawrence says:

    Maybe flyers in the neighborhood with this issue and your website?
    I’m constantly surprised by how many residents do not know your website. I mention it to everyone.

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