Is Mayor de Blasio chronically late because he is a pothead?

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de blasio marijuana pot brattonMarch 9, 2015- Mayor de Blasio is chronically late to public events where he is the keynote speaker. He is in the news again for missing the early St. Patrick’s Day parade, having no excuse.

Some news sources have speculated that he personally consumes marijuana. He ordered the police to stop arresting people carrying large bags of pot and is seemingly on the side of legalization.

Is the mayor a stoner who can’t meet appointments? He admitted to smoking pot in college. Is that why his eyelids are droopy sometimes?

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  1. Shipmann says:

    I have a question. We have a neighbor who constantly smokes pot. We have young children and I am hoping to get pregnant in the next year. We have notified Gateway Management several times. My neighbors have as well. They tell us we have to call security. We call security and they say they will send somebody up. They never do. This is not a casual pot user. This is an all day every night stank the floors, stank our apartments. We have identified the apartment and the times we have seen this guy smoking in the stairwells and in the hall and in his apartment. He could care less – total stoner and he doesn’t appear to work but has a ” mom” to support him. It has ruined our quality of lives and one neighbor – a really nice young married couple- finally got so frustrated they switched floors. What are our options? I know that several Gateway residents are very upset. Gateway management knows who the perpetrator is.

  2. Editor says:

    Call the First Precinct, they will act

    Also, attend the monthly police meetings

  3. Kim says:

    Call 311 and insist! It’s a health issue for you. If the Health Department takes their time responding, keep calling. Get an address, write them, detail your problems. Keep a journal with dates, times, locations AND how many times you complained to management and they did nothing. Make sure to EMAIL mgmt each time. Keep your records. Pot remains an illegal drug at this time. Drugs in one’s apartment is a violation of this person’s lease and Mgmt can remove him…much like the heat problems, window problems, unless they are forced to, their history is to do nothing but continue to collect your rent, despite this “habitability problem.” But be forewarned, be prepared for mgmt to retaliate against you.

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