Is the BPCA helping find a solution for soccer league lights?

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Update September 7, 2013- The Downtown Soccer folks rented their own diesel generator temporary lights. The BPCA did not provide these for them.

August 30, 2013- As previously reported, the construction work is underway for the new flood-proof elevated electrical box that powers the ballfield lights. However, it will take several more weeks before that is completed, at the soonest, and the soccer season starts next week. Will the night games have temporary lights?

Sources have told BatteryPark.TV that the BPCA has not yet made plans to provide temporary generators and lights. With the President and COO departed, and the “VP of operations“, Anne Fenton, having no training in operations, it is unknown if or when temporary lighting will be available.

Adding to the anxiety of the soccer parents, the BPCA has clammed up since the mysterious departure of the president. Questions are not being answered.

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