Is Tony Fauci looking for his legacy in vaccines?

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August 6, 2020- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Here again is Tony Fauci hyping vaccines. He is normally a doomsayer and fearmonger regarding the Wuhan virus. Why is he so hopeful on this one aspect of the pandemic?

In a 2011 Op-Ed in the Washington Post, Fauci rationalized why his labs should be allowed to create man-made dangerous viruses using genetic engineering. The euphemism he gives to this process is “gain-of-function” These viruses would be classified as Weapons of Mass Destruction and violate international law if they were used by the military. So, note how Fauci emphasizes the intent of his gain-of-function labs is to save lives by creating new drugs and vaccines.

Playing God in a virus lab: What could go wrong?

After the 2011 Op-Ed, Anthony Fauci and is infectious disease branch of the NIH funded several of these gain-of-function labs in the U.S. He even funded the actual Wuhan, China lab, which leaked the coronavirus. It is quite possible that these labs created the SARS-CoV-2 that is crippling the global economy.

Then, the program was shut down in 2014. Ebola became a huge problem for the World in 2014. A former scientist working in the Fauci labs claims that they created Ebola. She has been jailed and suffered a concerted effort to discredit her.

What can be confirmed is this: “Following controversy surrounding research, published in 2012, that led to the creation of highly pathogenic H5N1 (avian) influenza virus strains that were airborne transmissible between ferrets—and more recent reports of biosafety mishaps involving anthrax, smallpox, and H5N1 in government laboratories—in 2014 the administration of US President Barack Obama called for a “pause” on funding (and relevant research with existing US Government funding) of GOF experiments involving influenza, SARS, and MERS viruses in particular. This pause applies specifically to experiments that “may be reasonably anticipated to confer attributes … such that the virus would have enhanced pathogenicity and/or transmissibility in mammals via the respiratory route” (White House ).”

In 2017 under the new and confused Trump administration, taking advantage of the opportunity, Fauci restarted his pet project gain-of-function lab work in 2017. And now we have the release of the Wuhan virus from one of Fauci’s labs. It is not confirmed that the virus was the product of the gain-of-function genetic engineering work or whether the lab simply housed cultures of the wild virus.

Is Fauci obsessed with creating drugs that work based on his decades-long desire to create man-made viruses? His own words in the 2011 Op-Ed make this clear. It would be his legacy if he can say that his research created the vaccine cure for this Wuhan virus pandemic.

There is only one small obstacle to Fauci’s ego. Cheap, safe, effective, drugs can prevent the virus from spreading and cure those who contract it, thereby making a Fauci-cure less important. Corticosteroids and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) are two of them.

Fauci’s NIH has also funded many of the clinical trials for expensive new drugs to treat the Wuhan virus. Gilead’s remdesivir is one of them. Those too would suffer in sales if HCQ worked just as well.

Not coincidentally, Fauci has been among the most vocal against the use of HCQ. Last week, his comments about HCQ being ineffective were based on a gross abuse of the data, which included the citation of Lancet and NEJM that have been retracted due to fraudulent data. Clearly Tony Fauci wants his lab-funded vaccines to save the day rather than President Trump’s HCQ.

The actual pandemic itself started with Fauci’s fearmongering about the risks to attending large sporting events. In fact, the virus has had a death rate of 0.1% and is far less deadly than the regular flu to the vast majority of people. It certainly seems as if Fauci fearmongered a fake pandemic only to come along and save the day with his own lab-created therapies.

Tony Fauci is a small man by physical stature who grew up in tough New York. He tried to reinvent history this year by giving the press stories about his stellar high school basketball career. But the fact is that he is not an athlete (as seen in his first-pitch at the MLB Nationals game). He has also appeared to be the super-expert “scientist” on pandemics, but he has not performed any science for 40-years and is not an epidemiologist. Tony Fauci, never elected to any policy-making job, is a Deep State, partisan, Democrat hack reveling on his new-found power and fame.

All of Anthony Fauci’s comments, that have held such sway over the world, have been highly biased and inaccurate. Little Tony Fauci, like Mighty Mouse, wants to be known as the man who saved the day and cured the pandemic with his vaccines. If that means withholding life-saving HCQ and other drugs, then so be it.


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