It gets worse for Sheldon Silver: Cushy no-show law firm job axed.

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cropped-Christie-Silver-classics-text.jpgJanuary 28, 2015- The woes have just begun for the once most powerful politician in the State of New York. Not only has been ousted as Speaker of the Assembly after his arrest, but his cushy $700,000-per-year no-show job has been terminated according to the law firm Weitz & Luxenberg.

It is interesting that Weitz & Luxenberg is only doing this now, six days after Mr. Silver’s arrest, but only one day after he lost his leadership post in the New York Assembly. In New York, being arrested is like a kiss on the cheek. They have to be killed three times like vampires before anyone takes it seriously. Recall, congressman Grimm who represents Staten Island was re-elected despite being prosecuted for 20 felonies, and former Mayor Giuliani endorsed him too!

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