It is crucial that we all call this “election fraud” to defeat the communist coup

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November 10, 2022- by Steven E. Greer

Two-days after the election and Arizona, Oregon, Colorado, and Nevada are still supposedly counting ballots. In each state, crucial federal and state elections are being held up. As Republicans seemed sure to win the Arizona races, for example, ballot dumps keep arriving. Meanwhile, other red states, such as Florida, had all of their votes counted on election night.

Recall, in 2020, the Arizona elections went for Biden despite the polls showing Trump was far ahead. The propaganda media “called” the election in favor of Biden too early. It is now obvious what happened in Arizona back then. Katie Hobbs was the Secretary of State as she still is now. They used the pandemic as an excuse to shut down most of the local polling stations. They consolidated the vote counting efforts into large buildings where it is easier to get away with a few big crimes than it is more numerous smaller crimes at local election stations. They used the Dominion voting machines to miscount ballots.

Now in 2022, Secretary of State Hobbs is overseeing the logistics of voting in her state despite she herself being on the ballot for governor. Clearly, they are doing the exact same thing as they did in 2020. Hobbs was the chosen to be the Democrat candidate for governor because of her actions in 2020 and ousting Trump. This is her reward.

How could the lame Republican Party, led by by Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy, not have foreseen this happening? Arizona is supposed to have a Republican governor. Why were there no precautions in place to make sure that unbiased people were monitoring this whole process? Why was Hobbs not forced to recuse herself as the chief election enforcer?

The only efforts underway now to prevent a repeat of the 2020 election theft are some private lawyers led by feckless Harmeet Dhillon. They do not have any legal enforcement power. They are not government officials with badges. All they can do is file lawsuits after the fact, when it is too late.

The so-called Republican governor, Doug Ducey, was in on this scam back in 2020 as well. That is why he did not send his National Guard or other state forces to assure that the election to ran properly. He is part of the globalist effort as a RINO.

The whole world should be screaming about this election fraud and calling it a communist coup. But the few conservative outlets that exist, such Tucker Carlson or people on Twitter, are chilled and afraid to say those words because they do not want to be called bad names like “election denier” or be sued by the Dominion voting machine company.

By everyone being chilled from stating the obvious, this is more damaging than the Arizona races being stolen. When an entire nation is told that they are not allowed to believe what their eyes see, it becomes Orwellian. It demoralizes a nation into submission.

We are now living in a world where we are so scared that we cannot even think the truth. We see a man named John Fetterman, with severe brain damage, somehow get elected in Pennsylvania. We see unpopular governors in Michigan and New York somehow get re-elected despite soaring crime and their oppressive behaviors during the pandemic. We see a President of the United States so compromised by dementia that he cannot speak complete sentences or figure out how to walk off of a stage.

John Fetterman and Joe Biden are being used to humiliate the nation. The communists who control their puppet strings are parading them on the propaganda media outlets wanting us to not believe common sense in our own eyes. Biden and the propaganda outlets predicted the day before the election that the votes would take weeks to count and the “red wave” would fade. They are rubbing their election fraud in our noses as a show of power.

So far, it is working. There is a low morale throughout the country. After two years of this, people are about ready to submit and give up.

There needs to be a revolt. As many people on Twitter or Fox News as possible need to call this “election fraud” in Arizona and Pennsylvania for what it is. The evidence is overwhelming. By not stating it, The globalist neo-communist coup is winning the battle that is far greater than the election in Arizona or Pennsylvania.

Just two weeks ago, the globalist in charge of the coup got away with rigging the Brazilian presidential election. Before that, they rigged two different British elections for Prime Minister. Now, they are getting away with it in the United States. This cannot be allowed.

  • 23 precincts in Harris County ran out of paper for voting and all 23 are Republican stronghold precincts. That doesn’t happen by chance that comes by cheating.
  • Vote delays lead to Democrats winning over 80% of the time. Must be a coincidence.
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3 Responses to It is crucial that we all call this “election fraud” to defeat the communist coup

  1. GK THOMAS says:


  2. Chester says:

    Paul Ryan, whose sister-in-law is judge ketanji “what is a woman” Brown, whom he endorsed, is blowing up the GOP and NYPost foxnews, all helping him as they all report to murdoch. Ryan first act as BOD was to call Arizona for Biden

    Stuart Varney supposedly on business channel has turned his whole 2 hours into bash trump Lincoln project or the pedophile grooming party is behind it with McConnell and Ryan

    They are blowing up Georgia just like when McConnell refused to give stimulus checks

    They want gop to be glory days of Romney and McCain lol

    The uniparty , They hate the base

    So sad so many trump voters are falling for this

    Has to be Gaetz Ron Johnson and Scott Pressler replacing McConnell McCarthy and Rona Romney McDAniel

  3. LB says:

    To borrow a phrase: “DEMOCRACY DIES WITH DEMOCRATS”

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