It is time to talk bipartisan impeachment of Biden

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September 1, 2022- by Steven E. Greer

Joe Biden delivered a highly produced, made-for-TV, speech from Independence Hall in Philadelphia. It was an official executive branch event, not a campaign rally. The site is a national monument and he was flanked by real Marines.

It was the most bizarre presidential speech in the history of the country. The backdrop was bathed in blood red lighting and shadows to look ominous. He proceeded to announce a war on more than half of the country. He decreed with clenched Hitler fists that “MAGA”, and anyone not on board with his neo-communist plans, to be enemies of the state (all communist and fascist revolutions require a boogie man to rile up the masses).

The backlash on social media was strong and clear. The #PedoHitler became a top trending hashtag on Twitter. Meme photos comparing Biden to Hitler were numerous. Even propaganda media, such as CNN, seemed to think it was a very bad idea.

All of this comes after the unprecedented move to raid President Trump’s home in Florida. Tensions were already at DEFCON 4.

It is time for congress to talk about impeaching Biden now, not after the election, for any number of legitimate reasons.

Update January 22, 2023- The Communists must want Joe gone too. They are now setting him up “classified documents” being found in his houses.


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  1. Glenn Cannon says:


  2. Juan el weckbacko says:

    Those of us who lived through tyranny, know the trademarks very well. Fascism and communism need a divided and hateful audience to succeed. It’s like cancer, if you let it go too far, it can be too late

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