It’s official. Society has crumbled.

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121813SelterZM67.jpgJanuary 3, 2014- The Post has a typical Post story about a young woman getting in the news for something stupid. This story is about a 20-year-old lady with a bulbous buttocks who posts selfies on Instagram and has millions of followers.

That is not interesting.

The real story is how our society has crumbled dramatically since the economic collapse of 2008. Few people can afford real computers and real Internet access. Most people under 30 have no TVs at all. TV used to be the worst form of access to news, but it was better than nothing.

As this new generation of the Depression connects to the world entirely through their tiny-screen smartphones, even typing 140 characters on Twitter is too much for many of them. Now, just posting photos is considered a form of communication.

The typical viewer of BatteryPark.TV is insulated from this new underclass of young teens and 20-somethings who have no jobs, no access to news, and are virtually illiterate. But one can witness it on some of the late-night talk shows, such as Leno’s Jay Walking, or Kimmel’s Lie Witness News.

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