Told you so: Jean-Georges is NOT coming to Brookfield Place

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Jean GeorgesSeptember 30, 2014- Told you so. Jean-Georges is not coming to Brookfield Place and never was. How did we know? We did basic reporting, such as calling them and asking, rather than propagating rumors from blogs. BP.TV informs.

April 4, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

A local dog walker blogged this week that he had spoken to one of the Brookfield Place restaurant owners and was given a “bombshell” exclusive that famed restaurateur Jean-Georges Vongerichten was opening a fine dining establishment in Brookfield Place. The same source has also repeatedly propagated unfounded rumors about Leonardo di Caprio buying apartments in Tribeca, Lindsay Lohan starting a restaurateur in Tribeca, etc., so we were skeptical.

We called Jean-George’s personal assistant (imagine that, actually calling the company for a comment, what a novel idea), and were told, “We have been approached, but that rumor is untrue…..nothing is signed….we have many restaurants now.”.

Just how unreliable is what you read on the Internet?


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