Joe Biden is a tool of foreign powers seeking to harm the USA

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August 26, 2021- by Steven E. Greer

Today occurred perhaps the worst attack on the American military ever. The casualties were not the greatest in history, but the damage to our military reputation was.

At the edges of the Kabul, Afghanistan airport, predictably, two ISIS suicide bombers killed hundreds of people, including more than a dozen U.S. soldiers. After 20-years of waging war in the region, military commanders know how to spot these dangerous situations that make armed forces vulnerable. The attack today was no surprise. So, why was it allowed to happen?

General Frank McKenzie is in charge of the Central Command overseeing the evacuation of mostly refugees, not the stranded Americans, through the Kabul airport. He explained that they are allowing the untrained and hostile Taliban forces to oversee the critical process of controlling the perimeter around the airport.

The key step for an operation in a hostile city like this is to clear a safe zone. It is a violation of all basic military training and common sense to rely on the enemy, the Taliban in this case, to protect one’s own defenses. General McKenzie has allowed a situation whereby people in local-attire robes, that easily conceal suicide vests, to come so close to U.S. forces that they touch them.

Today’s attack was not only predicted by the State Department and Central Command, but it seems to be designed to have happened. Worse, the situation has not changed. Next, a larger car bomb will kill more.

Joe Biden knows all of this and is reportedly overruling the advice of his own generals. Why would he do that? Who is telling Biden to do this?

Clearly, the real power over our military is emanating from outside of the formal government. Joe Biden is a useful idiot and surrogate for others, but who are they? Let’s speculate using evidence and common sense.

First, we now know that the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan is enriching China, through rare earth minerals. It has been well established that China has bribed numerous members of the government from the Biden family on down.

Then, we know that Iran is profiting from the Taliban takeover. Iran is Barack Obama’s favorite country in the region. It is also well known that Obama is calling the shots at the White House.

The series of events in Afghanistan have made the mighty U.S. military a laughingstock around the world. The numerous multi-trillion-dollar spending bills rammed through by Biden have already generated high inflation and will topple the U.S. dollar as the global reserve currency. The 2020 elections were influenced by foreign powers, such as China. All of these actions are strong evidence that foreign powers are controlling The White House.

The world does not have the luxury of giving Joe Biden the benefit of the doubt. The best case scenario is that he is innocently incompetent. The worst case scenario is that he is a stooge working on behalf of hostile nations.

Joe Biden should be assumed to be a traitor acting on behalf of one or more hostile nations. He must be removed from office at once.

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