Joe Piscopo interviews Steven E. Greer: 9-10-2020

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September 10, 2020- by Steven E. Greer, MD

In this episode, we discuss:


  • Cuomo, the same man who killed 11,000 nursing home patients, and more in his poorly run hospitals, under investigation by the DOJ, is now hyper protective of us as we dare to dine indoors.
  • Cuomo’s indoor dining plan is comically absurd and illegal.
  • Fact: respiratory virus like the Wuhan virus, flu, small pox, measles, Ebola, never, I repeat never, are spread by asymptomatic people. Here is Fauci saying this himself. Then, the death rate is almost zero for healthy people dining out. There is no evidence that 25% capacity, masks, contact tracing work. In fact, data from Sweden, etc. show that it is all futile.


  • I told you so. We were the first to discuss this concept of our own antibodies being the solution to this pandemic. Herd immunity is nothing but a fancy word for a critical mass of the population having antibodies to a virus.
  • A recent paper suggests that we are misdiagnosing patients as “antibody negative” because it requires a panel of six different tests to truly detect the right immunoglobulin.
  • So, if more people have immunity than we think, and the scientists at Oxford and MIT think we only need 20% of the population to have antibodies to reach herd immunity, then we have reached herd immunity already.
  • More relevant to daily lives, a positive antibody test does indeed mean the person is immune and can go back to work. A 30,000 person study in Iceland showed that antibodies do NOT fall off and lose power to protect against the virus.
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