Klaus Schwab lacks the CCP carrot

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April 16, 2022- by Steven E. Greer

Reviewing trends from this week, it seems that the Klaus Schwab’s Fourth Reich has lost the battle for power over the United States. The CCP is controlling the shots.

I think the 2023 Davos meeting was a sign of their demise. People are laughing at Klaus Schwab. They know that his so-called stakeholders are fat slobs like Bill Gates and George Soros. They do not have any control over the election process, and that is why they are losing useful idiots in Finland, France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, etc.

If you lump George Soros in with this Fourth Reich, he is the only one left with any relevance. His district attorneys are still wreaking havoc in the United States.

The rising awareness of the harm from the vaccine that was pushed by Bill Gates, a key member of the WEF, is one of the reasons the WEF Fourth Reich is losing power. Their bizarre and highly unpopular “Agenda 2030” is also backfiring.

All of the big events are being carried out by the Chinese. Trans-rights violence is a Chinese program lifted from 1960s Mao Red Guard. The control over the White House and Justin Trudeau are by Chinese influences. Brazil, France, and other nations are joining the Chinese bandwagon.

The CCP infiltrated foreign governments better than Klaus Schwab. They have 100 years of experience at it and a lot more money. How the CCP got their compromised Biden family into the White House is brilliant, actually.

The Chinese commercial market is a carrot for oligarchs and globalist. Klaus Schwab has no carrot.

This is all new. Just a few months ago, there was a struggle for control over this global communist movement. The White House was being pulled by two large gravitational forces. Now, the New World Order is congealing. We are starting to see what it looks like.

The good news is that people are coming to their senses. I used to be one of the few people even use the word “communist”. Ron Paul this week said that the United States has fallen to a coup d’état. I used to be the only one to say things like that.

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