Exclusive: Lack of restrooms at 9/11 Memorial causes people to pee on buildings

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IMG_0190.jpgJuly 8, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

The large 9/11 Memorial park, that is now open to anyone with no tickets required, has one small problem: the knuckleheads at the Port Authority failed to build public restrooms. As a result, people are urinating onto the walls of nearby buildings.

Over the July 4th holiday, tourists were migrating over to Battery Park after they visited the Ground Zero park. They were urinating in the trees along the path toward the police Memorial. One woman actually hiked her skirt, sat on the wall, and urinated in front of the public.

BP.TV asked 9/11 Memorial security where visitors should go to use the restroom. We were told that local restaurants are the solution.

The Chairman of the Port Authority is John Degnan. The CEO of the 9/11 Memorial is Joe Daniels (and earns more than $400,000 in salary running a non-profit).

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One Response to Exclusive: Lack of restrooms at 9/11 Memorial causes people to pee on buildings

  1. lucy2012 says:

    This information about no rest rooms planned for the Memorial was featured in The New York Times a few years ago and generated copious comments on the lack of toilets available to the public in Manhattan in general. But the woman who hiked her skirt and urinated on the wall may finally force the subject to be taken seriously.

    Bravo for her! May more and more people follow her example. If that’s what it takes….Hey!

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