Latest “broken window” problem in BPC

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SUV diughnut hut gone Albany 9-15-2015Update September 15, 2015- The NYPD helped out. This lane-blocking SUV is gone and the entire doughnut trailer leaves after 4:00 PM instead of staying 24/7.

For quality of life matters like this, it really helps when you go to the 311 website and file a complaint (not the 311 phone) and call the First Precinct Community Affairs at (212) 334-0640.

“Steven Greer for City Council 2017”

doughnut cart on Albany blocking bike path with SUV

The SUV in front belonging to the doughnut hut gives the signal to other illegally parked trucks that it is OK to loiter.  Tour buses also use this space. Note the busted rear side window in the SUV.

September 14, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

The police call it the “broken windows” phenomenon. When a seemingly insignificant crime happens, creating a broken window for example, it gives criminals the green light for more crime. This can be seen clearly taking place whenever a food vendor cart sprouts up.

The illegally placed food vendors pick spots that they think are run down or ignored. A few years ago, the empty spot where SouthWestNY now operates turned into a shanty town when a fruit vendor seized upon the opportunity.

On Vesey Street, the illegal food vendors attract illegal town cars to park by them. They, in turn, attract illegal tour buses.

At the northeast corner of Albany Street and South End Avenue has been a doughnut and coffee hut for many years. They stayed 24/7, violating the law, until the police cracked down last year. Since then, they have been fairly obedient to the law.

Lately, however, the owner of the hut has been parking his beaten up SUV on the street throughout the day, using the bike lane as his personal free parking spot. This, in turn, attracts many other trucks to illegally park.

Making this a perfect case of “broken windows” is that the SUV actually has a busted window! There was a plastic trash bag covering the hole until recently.

SUV on AlbanyNot only is this an ugly site to see for BPC residents, and an impediment to bicyclists, but this is also a real security threat. No one has done any background checks on this vendor. His car could be a big bomb. Nearby, the NYPD division that oversees the WTC expanded the no-vendor zone for these very same security concerns.



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