Laughable PR stunt by BPCA PR team

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Pole painting 1September 11, 2013- In response to BatteryPark.TV’s and resident’s complaints about the deterioration of the parks in the wake of park staff firings, the BPCA’s Dynamic Duo of Misinformation have instructed park staff to do the humiliating job of painting lamp posts. Clearly underestimating the intelligence of the BPC community, once again, Anne Fenton and Matt Monahan have the staff occupied with these futile acts because they place the staff in high foot-traffic areas to give the impression, “See what we are doing for the parks. Aren’t we swell?”.

Matt Monahan operates the BPCA website from which we extracted the photos in this story.

When BP.TV approached two blue-shirt park staff on a cherrypicker crane to ask why they were assigned to such a pointless task, the crew of two was clearly embarrassed and had no comment. This is the same type of abusive behavior by BPCA staff that caused the internal investigation and departure of senior staff.

Sources tell BP.TV that the parks staff are living in constant fear for their jobs after a series of meetings with acting President Robert Serpico and Chairman CEO Dennis Mehiel. Staff were warned to not talk to the press, “Or else..”

Pole painitng 2Painting a new street light pole

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