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Al Mann on set 10-17-2013Update April 2, 2014- The FDA approved Afrezza and the stock (MNKD) spiked 80% in one day.

October 17, 2013- Legendary medical entrepreneur and billionaire, Al Mann, (to my immediate left, with MannKind CFO Matt Pfeffer) has started from scratch 15 medical devices companies that have been acquired by other companies, and two current companies. The partial list includes:

  • PaceSetter, which became St Jude Medical
  • Advanced Bionics, maker of cochlear implants for the deaf and pain medication pumps, which was acquired by Boston Scientific
  • MiniMed, maker of diabetes insulin pumps and monitors, now part of Medtronic
  • MannKind, maker of inhaled insulin, which he is the current CEO
  • Second Sight, maker of the first FDA-approved bionic eye, which he is the largest shareholder
  • The Alfred Mann Foundation has funded, among other things, the development of sophisticated bionic arms aiding soldiers with amputations

Interview with MannKind’s CEO, Al Mann, and CFO, Matt Pfeffer.


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